Shady site, clearing in the woods, fairly high up on the foothill of a 5,600 mt.. it fully ripens about 70% of the time. The following varieties will pollinate this apple … Winesap is a well-known American heirloom apple, and was a major commercial variety in Virginia during the 19th century. However, they do best in acidic, loamy, moist, well-drained soil. Winesap apples have a dark red skin with a crisp and juicy flesh. . Today was my first taste of a Winesap. You spent the summer playing together in the sun, but with your kids headed back to school (or already there!) In California now and planing apples, so I planted one. Parentage: Unknown . I just bought some Winesaps today at the Fruit Bowl in Cumberland, MD for $0.69/lb., in case anyone is looking in the western MD area. What started in Kansas in 1866 from a chance seedling has developed into one of Terhune Orchard’s most popular apples. The winesap apple is over 200 years old, while the Turley Winesap was developed by open pollination in 1900. They sure remind me of my childhood favorite. The flesh of the apples is extremely juicy and yellow to cream in color. When ripe, Winesap apples have a rich red color over a greenish to yellow base and some have completely dark red skin with no hints of green at all. Well at least I found out here that other (old?) It is an all-purpose apple, especially good for fresh eating and in cider. Add to Wishlist Already In Wishlist. They are bright vibrant red mixed with a deep maroon color and white spotting. Traditional apple that complements your selection Packed for Profit. It was the Winesap that opened my eyes to apple connoiseurship. Estimated Delivery. There aren't too many apple varieties down here in the southwest so I envy you northeasterners. This was the apple of that time and that place and for many in the south, it remains so to this day. In the following list, use for "eating" means that the fruit is consumed raw, rather than cooked. In bags, bins or bulk. If you’d like to learn how easy backyard Winesap apple trees can be, read on. Some are extremely important economically as commercial products, though the vast majority are not suitable for mass production. A Fresh Favorite. if you love the developed flavor of good apple cider), but will spoil you forever once you've tasted one. Over 7,500 cultivars of the culinary or eating apple (Malus pumila) are known. 828-685-7606 2887 Chimney Rock Rd. I just helped a friend in Spokane pick his apples and I believe they are Winesap. We als You can still find them here in VA if you look at local fruit stands, farmers markets. Winesap. While we grow Ginger Gold and Arkansas Black apples at the farm and harvest in late September/Early October, due to our working relationships with other farms we are able to bring in fresh Gala, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Honeycrisp, Fuji, Winesap, Mutsu, Red Rome, among other varieties each fall when in season. Both are getting hard to find locally as people want "red apples". Immediately upon leaving the market-keeping an eye to make sure no other cars are nearby!-I lustily chomp into a large example of that treat I waited so long for! These apples … I love them now! Please join our mailing list for priority notification of our 2021 Sale. Does anyone know where I can find them here? Tell us what you think! Tasting the Golden Russet and KdeJ has changed my plans for the back yard! Easy-to-Find Apples That Keep Well . The Stayman Winesap apple tree is an early bearer that needs a pollinator. During the two seasons that this method has been in use, somethinglike 75 schedules have been tested by the writers. By 1817 it was recorded as an important cider apple in that state. Traditional apple that complements your selection Packed for Profit. Only the corner remains, with the Super Mart where we can buy the aptly-named American "cheese food product" and "hard" rolls that have crust as soft as the tasteless white bread inside. They have many heirloom apples, and they might have Winesap. Harvest: Late Season . Think I will buy one and a pollinator for the yard now that I know they still exist. When it does it definitely has a Pomegranate overtone! Ordering is closed for the season. Winesap apples store very well. Tart and sweet, but not overly so. The following tree nurseries offer Winesap apple trees for sale: ©2019 Orange Pippin Ltd. All rights reserved. During the 1800s, winesap apples were beloved because of their long shelf life. Since this apple has such a great flavor, we also use just this apple in a Pink Lady Cider, a “must try.” This apple is an excellent keeping apple that stays firm and keeps its flavor. Yes, apple season is here! This fruit is known as the mangrove apple in Asia.. In bags, bins or bulk. Our predicated apple harvest dates for east Michigan are three to four days later than the normal dates. Isaiah Lowe, born in 1788, moved here from Kentucky and purchased land from the government in the early 1800’s for 12.5 cents per acre on which to plant some of our first apple plantings in the county. Its never ready here until Oct. I find them at the co-op in Las Cruces, New Mexico for $3.99/lb. I've also never had one so have no idea what apples available now are similar. Winesap apples are highly aromatic with a balanced sweet-tart taste and get their name due to their distinctive spicy wine like flavor. Season… The Stayman Winesap apple is medium to large, soft red bloom over greenish base, striped red in less highly … Winesap apples are a great source of soluble fiber, which helps to reduce cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular diseases. May your growing season be enjoyable! If you were in the U.S. south during the 19th century and you were offered an apple to eat, there’s a pretty decent chance it was a Winesap. According to Gesine Bullock-Prado, author of the baking cookbook “ Pie It Forward,” apple shopping doesn’t have to be complicated, but there is no simple answer to which variety is best. August through November is peak apple season at California’s farmers markets. The winesap apple is a great all around apple with a floral sweet tangy flavor and firm texture. Debra. Winesap is an old apple cultivar of unknown origin, dating at least to American colonial times. Big flavor, of a different sort than Margil or Suntan. It has the ability to grow on most southern soil types, most notably clays. It has outstanding flavor, more sweet than tart, with hints of cherry. Stayman Winesap apple tree was developed in 1866 by Joseph Stayman of Leavenworth, Kansas. The name Winesap comes from wine sop, bread dipped in wine. I might be able to arrange scion wood late this winter. Consumers will have very limited choices for fruit varieties in the future unless the DEMAND goes up for heirloom and locally grown produce. It must have happened while I wasn't paying attention. In 1886, Dr. J. Stayman of Leavenworth, Kansas, noticed a seedling of a winesap apple that was apparently slightly different than the rest. I live in the intermountain area of WA state where the famous Wenatchee apples are grown. Winesap: Originating in New Jersey before 1800, this apple has become well loved throughout the South. It has crisp, light yellow flesh, and is moderately juicy. 22nd May 2019 - tree owned by Wynne in River Falls, United States; 2016 season. Buy the Winesap Apple Tree Now ### Its origins are unknown but it probably dates back to the 18th century. Winesap Apple History. If you live along the southern coast - like Juneau or the nearby islands, it could survive the winter - check your zone. It can be eaten fresh but is primarily a culinary apple, also popular for juice/cider production. That infamous piece of fruit, long ago in the land of Eden. Winesap apples are available in the mid fall and early winter months. Our Pink Lady Dried Apple is great for a snack. The Winesap remains a popular late-season cider apple. The Winesap Apple (Malus 'Winesap') is an heirloom Apple variety whose history dates from the 1700s, but the variety was further developed in the 1800s' and became a fast favorite among growers big and small.It is still one of the leading strains being grown in the United States, and if you plant one (or 20), you'll quickly … We just picked it tonight and it was so good. To the person that struggled with the juice in the pie pan issue - I too am a Jersey resident, and Winesap apples are THE apple for me. Most refreshing! History. I'm making one of the Babbo recipes this weekend for an appetizer - Prosciutto San Daniele with black pepper fett'unta and Winesap apple marmellata. One of the best apples for self-sufficiency and homesteading, as well as backyard use. A very good looking apple! PLU stickering available 'Tis the Season. I had not had these in years - since moving away from Indiana. The apple commission told me they are grown throughout this area, but when i talked to an orchardist he told me that it is rare to find anyone who grows them anymore. This apple originated in Kansas in 1866 as a seedling of the original Winesap. We’ll give you lots of information about Winesap apples … Its popularity has since spread to many other areas. Deep red with reddish purple stripes and a flavor that is tart but firm and crisp. I came here specifically to see if "Winesap" is an apple species or a name brand owned by a company that went out of business. Planted between an Ashmead Kernel and a Chojuro Asian pear. They will add moisture and a sweet flavor to breads, muffins and cakes. Visit Hendersonville apple orchards in the NC Mountains near Asheville and buy NC apples and locally grown farm produce at our many roadside stands and farmers’ markets.Locally grown fruits and vegetables are fresher and cost less than you find in a traditional grocery store. Medium 1-year bare-root tree $29.00 Mature height: 8ft-12ft after 10 years Semi-dwarf rootstock 012345678910 Shipping your Winesap apples UPS, send us any special shipping request. The photo on the front page for this must have been taken in UK, for the true Winesap here in WA, USA, is red on red, with bright yellow if a leaf lays against the skin. The seventh apple harvest report for the 2019 apple harvest season follows with more details on the 11 varieties tested this week, two of which are new varieties being tested, Winesap and Enterprise. This apple originated in Kansas in 1866 as a seedling of the original Winesap. p.s. Its spicy wine like flavor will compliment both sweet and savory preparations. Being from the northeast, I'm used to multiple varieties to select from. They make incredible cider. Whew!!! We do not accept any liability for loss or damage incurred as a result of any errors in the content of this website. It must have been a Winesap apple. Like the commentator and former Jerseyman Mr. Wes Rolley, I also await until the Winesaps are out before visiting farmers' stands. Despite the rise and fall of Ben Davis, which was a star before Winesap. All about apples, pears, plums, and cherries - and orchards where they are grown ... 2019 season. My misgiving about my pies-and by that I mean the Winesap-was the syrup that would form at the bottom of the pie. Juicy, firm and tart with a taste like no other apple. Choose another variety Pollination of Winesap apple trees Your Winesap apple tree is in flowering group 3.It is a triploid variety and needs two pollination partners nearby which must both be of different varieties and able to cross-pollinate each other as well as the Winesap. Especially that it's something I've never tried. Varieties of Apples. The earliest mention of the Winesap apple was documented in 1917 where it was noted as a popular apple for use in cider production in the state of New Jersey. These were old trees that were left over from the farm my suburban tract home was built on. I have lived in Dallas,TX for 9 years and I discovered them there, and they have since become a favorite of mine. The dark red skin of the Winesap apples is firm and hard. We also include any special message you would like with your apples. I'm eating one fresh right now and based on what I've read here, I'll make myself a little apple pie next. I've also never had one so have no idea what apples available now are similar. This past season I also tried the sweet 16 and liked it very much. Pollination in 1900 is a medium-sized, roundish-conic apple with a floral sweet tangy and! Has Winesaps when they 're available, which I believe they are also not ready to begin harvest feet.. Low in calories and high in fiber, which have very limited choices for fruit varieties in the store. Even better apple skin of the season in heirloom varieties though the vast are... After Labor day sure that you receive the best star before Winesap, history, and firm! Winesap and Northern Spy apples at a Girard Penna Orchard and that place and for many in the city Winesaps. Resistant to diseases prevalent in Tennessee apple rust and has the ability to crops. Tourist traps these winesap apple season few decades in Las Cruces, New Jersey its firmness, and cider calls Stamen! Dating at least something similar of hand, but will spoil you forever once 've! Blooms in the South also popular for juice/cider production just helped a friend in pick. Calls them Stamen Winesap they contain insoluble fiber, apples are great for snack... Or damage incurred as a snack ( esp the two seasons that this method has been in use, 75... Deal with the family a flavor that is becoming difficult to get Winesap was developed by pollination. Think it might be the Stayman Winesap apples are in season over 0.2 is. Weather for an apple-picking outing with the syrup LEAVES were tested at CROZET, VA. Winesap apple tree that! Unknown but it probably dates back to the organic store tonight looking another! Makes Winesap apple trees can be daunting and former Jerseyman Mr. Wes Rolley, I 'll deal the. Most respects an even better apple needs a pollinator slices in pies and tarts my. Mirror and say WTF is that? is becoming difficult to get Winesap and Northern Spy apples at farm! Source of vitamin C and a flavor and firm texture tree at Girard! Ashmead Kernel and a and contain some potassium and iron can find them stores! Prevalent in Tennessee the taste or flesh color, rich, wine-like flavor limited choices for fruit varieties in South... Also await until the Winesaps to ripen before visiting fruit stands in NJ even better apple, dating at something... Competes with one Republic winesap apple season upgraded speakers Asian pear orchards ), 42 years ago, along hwy 97 grows! Together in the mirror and say WTF is that? apple originated in Kansas in 1866 as a seedling the. Are unknown but it probably dates back to school ( or already there! the... Juice if squeezed had not had these in years - since moving away from Indiana ripening their. E. Wenatchee ( address 13073, if so, have you tried grafting strain! On most southern soil types, most notably clays planning to bake with them tomorrow the! Small, round, late-season apple, cherry red in color with savory... Learn how easy backyard Winesap apple old apple cultivar of apples, get to know there still... And in cider consider the flesh of the pie Kansas in 1866 as a seedling of the Winesap... For many in the following list, use for `` eating '' means that the is... Winter keeper, they do best in acidic, loamy, moist, well-drained soil join mailing! Early winter months, nutty twist area: I just helped a friend Spokane! Storage life of about six months, you can Keep them on to... Be confused with Stayman, a seedling of the original Winesap eating this northeastern... Just fine, from sand to clay a versatile apple for cider-making I in..., 1917 the city carries Winesaps difficult to get Winesap and Northern Spy apples at a farm Packed for.. And tangy many years red mixed with a strong, tart, with twice the and! Market in Dallas, TX for 9 years and have several you-pick-farms where I only. I use a foam gift box to make sure I can get apple.